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“Manage how you are seen everywhere people are searching, with a central source of truth for your business information.”

Get an under-the-hood look at your business’s online footprint with a complimentary Business SnapShot Report.   

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Aptus Online Toolkits

Take control of your customer’s online experience.  Your virtual doorway needs to be optimized and maintained for the health and stability of your business.  Can you answer the following 6 questions about your business’s online doorway?

Do they know about you?

How many people even know you exist?  Are you in front of the right audience? Are you in their mind when they desire to purchase?

Can they find you?

Can your customer see up-to-date contact or location data.  Does your business data match across all media platforms, directories, and reputation sites?

Do they trust you?

What do your past customers have to say about your products, services, or company culture? Does your brand inspire trust to purchase?

Do they like you?

Have your customers or clients become advocates of your brand? Do they tell or share with their friends about your brand?

Will they convert?

Does your community have a simple, safe, easy way to book, purchase, order, or schedule with you? Are you pandemic friendly?

Will they remain loyal?

Do your customers return on a regular basis?  Do your customers or clients use other services between visits with you?

Increase Profits by as much as 30% per year

Get an Under-the-Hood Online Checkup with Online Business Snapshot

If you do not have good answers for any or only some of the questions above, then you may benefit from a complimentary Online Business Snap Shot.  The Online Business SnapShot gives you a full under the hood look at your online footprint and overall health.  

  • Get deep insights into how people searching for you, see you online.
  • See how you compare to your three top competitors in your market place.
  • Manage all your online services in one easy to use dashboard.

What is an Online Toolkit?

Get the tools you need to manage your online business all in one place.  You can use Express freemium products or upgrade to the full Pro versions.  If you choose to bundle your services you will save! Bundle with a qualified merchant account for Exclusive Savings!

Tools Include:

Advertising Intelligence – Do they know about you?

Listing Builder – Can they find you?

Reputation Management – Do they trust you?

Social Marketing – Do they like you?

Website  – Will they convert?

Customer Voice – Will they remain loyal?

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