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“Hundreds of business owners rely on us to save from 10 to 98% on their credit & debit card processing fees virtually risk-free. Measurable results in 90 days !”

We have been in the payment processing industry since 2005.  To create more value for our clients we added web design and online marketing in the winter of 2014.

 Today we have added industry changing Cash Discount Processing, Hybrid Pricing, Interchange Minus Processing, and Pay-As-You-Go Pricing through PayAnywhere.

Increase your profits, decrease your costs, and put a smile on your face!

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Aptus Merchant Services Team

Daniel P. Diaz

Daniel P. Diaz


Daniel has over 10 years experience in the payment processing arena.  He then learned web design and online marketing in 2009 and has been sharpening his skills ever since.

Daniel has helped over 1000 merchants save money, over 20 businesses increase their brand awareness and top line revenue.  Daniel has compassion for small businesses knowing the challenges they face every day.

Daniel desires to increase the vibration of the planet and understands the value of the personal work he does to do that. He brings vast knowledge around marketing, business, and online presence to the table.

Daniel is grateful for the skills he’s acquired being a BestLife member and he feels fulfilled by empowering others to grow along their chosen paths. He shows up every day as the best version of himself and strives to continue to get better and better.

Certified BestLife Coach, and successful entrepreneur

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