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“Business owners rely on us to stay connected to the communities they serve, increase net profits, and save precious time virtually risk-free. Measurable results in 90 days.”


Schedule a short interview or a full assessment below.  If you want more information before the interview, please get an Instant Online quote for payment processing, a Business Snapshot for online marketing, or both.


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Use what you have now

You have resources now, that if reorganized and freed, can be repurposed for your benefit.  Learn how our clients have eliminated cost, used the savings for marketing, and turned massive net profits while becoming more efficient virtually risk-free. Measurable results in 90 days.

Engage Your Customers

Do your clients or customers help build your reputation?  If so, can it be done more efficiently?

Use Savings to Grow

Stop potential revenue loss by as much as $45,000 per year while increasing your gross revenue by as much as 1000%.

Dominate Local Listing Searches

Most businesses are not using their Google  My Business listing to full capacity.  Get your business listings synced and accurate on all media platforms.

Build Trust in Your Brand

Online reputation helps your customers decide who to do business with.  Do you want affordable tools to take control of your online reputation?

Websites that Work for you

Speed up customer checkout.  Schedule more effectively.  Build greater value in your marketplace.

What is next

Try Our Trademarked Process

Research & Analysis

An in-depth look at your business systems and current marketing efforts. Full apple to apple comparison of credit and debit card processing fees. Full under-the-hood look at your virtual footprint.

Roadmap planning

Construct a plan customized to your specific situation.  Create action steps for Aptus and your team.  Decide on milestones, goals, and targets to track and look forward to.

Execute & Monitor

Implement the conversion of your payment processing services, marketing tools, marketing programs, and any other steps to realize success. Track on a monthly basis with real-time reporting and rate review.

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