Aptus Local Pricing Plan

Aptus Local Basic and Elite are month to month agreements as stand-alone services. Small Business Starter Package have some terms that apply. Call 801-797-1921 option 1 for more information or email us at info@aptusmerchantservices.com

What to Consider as you move forward

Waive the Initial Investment

If you want to start but want to avoid the initial investment, then just enroll with one of our preferred payment processing providers.  The enrollment qualifies your account for the discount. When your new merchant account has been approved and activated we will give you a discount code which waives the initial invesment.

Month to Month Agreements

Get started with one of the stand alone products virtually risk free with our month to month agreements.

Small Business Starter Kit Terms

Small Business Starter Kit includes the ability to accept credit cards at your business, online, or on the go. A new merchant account with one of our preferred providers qualifies a 100% discount on the initial investment. Get a credit card machine for small business, mobile credit carder reader, or online virtual terminal to process cards on the zero fee cash discount program.

Refunds or Trials

We offer no refunds or trials since the work we do is fixed even if you cancel.  So, if you do choose to move another direction, you can, and the work we did will stay unless you decide to change it.

Let's Work Together!

25 Small business have relied on us to increase their sales and profits by 30% per year while stopping potential revenue loss by $12,000 annually.