Aptus Online Toolkits

“Mange how you are seen everywhere people are searching, with a central source of truth for your business information.”

Be competitive in every aspect of your customer’s journey to purchase.

Be able to convert in a post-pandemic world.

What to Consider as you move forward

30-Day Free Trial

You will be given full access to Express versions of the Online Toolkit to test during the 30-day free trial.  At the end of the trial, you will keep your listing builder, advertising intelligence, and any other tools you decide to purchase and use.  You may upgrade each tool al-a-carte or you may bundle the tools and save with the Online Toolkit Pro or Online Toolkit E-commerce package.  Contact the sales department for exclusive savings when you bundle with a qualifying merchant account.

Month to Month Agreements

You may cancel your Online Toolkit at any time without penalty by contacting support at info@aptusmerchantservices.com or contacting your Account Executive in writing. Remember, since online data degrades over time your listings need to be synced and protected monthly.  If you cancel, you lose your protection of the Listing Sync and Listing Distribution tools.  Merchant accounts and marketing can be canceled separately.  Most merchant service accounts have month-to-month agreements too.

What is an Online Toolkit?

Online Toolkit allows gives you the tools to take control of your online virtual doorway.  You will be able to influence every aspect of your customer’s purchasing journey and even turn some into loyal advocates of your brand.  In addition, you will also see your weekly Executive Report which gives you True Accurate Insights into your online marketing performance and Actual profits.  You can learn more about Aptus Local services and order online through your online customer portal by using any major credit card.  For Bundle & Save discounts, please contact your local Account Executive to discuss the details of exclusive pricing when bundling with a qualifying merchant services account.

Refunds or Trials

There are no refunds for these services.  If you cancel you will have access to your Pro accounts until the end of your billing month.  Free Trials are offered by the software platform to give you a chance to try before you buy.  Trials are subject to the Terms and Conditions you agree to during registration of your free trial.  For more information contact your Account Executive or contact us at info@aptusmerchantservices.com.

Let's Work Together!

“Local business owners rely on us to stay connected to the communities they serve, increase net profits, and increase business efficiency with virtually zero risks. Measurable results in 90 days.”

The journey for your customer is a cycle, not a stand-alone goal.