Accept & Save Processing

Accept credit cards and save money on your business purchases to decrease your credit card processing fees by .55% to 1.00% with Accept & Save interchange minus processing.

Program Benfits & Details

Gain New Financing

When you enroll into the interchange minus processing program thru Aptus powered by PayVus, you will be given a commercial MasterCard World Card! 

This tradeline helps build credit for yourself and your business.  The credit limit is determined by your credit score. 

Since this is connected to your merchant account, it has easy approval guidelines.

Increase Cash Flow

Every month you make purchases for your business with your debit card or by check.  Do you get rewards for that?  If you use a credit card already, how easy are your rewards to access? 

With interchange minus processing thru Aptus powered by PasyVus you get instant rewards on top of the increased cash flow for your business with virtually zero risk!

Gain Instant Savings

Instead of waiting to cash in on your rewards points with your current business credit card, get instant savings with your new commercial MasterCard World Card which offsets your credit card processing fees.

If you couple iAccept & Save with cash discount processing you literally get paid to accept cards instead of paying like you do now!

Traditional Pricing

Interchange Plus Processing, reliable and transparent credit and debit card processing rates. See pricing now!

Cash Discount Processing

A new program to reward your cash customers while offsetting your processing fees by 95%!

Free Instant Online Quote

Find out what you can save before having to speak to someone.   If you like what you see you can enroll online or work with a live enrollment agent or local account manager. No matter what you want, we have the right fit for you.