Why Choose BOA & Aptus


No Contracts, No Cancellation Fees

Get the best rates, with the best service, virtually risk free!


Free Equipment Options

Get the processing equipment you need with out breaking the bank!


Instant Online Quote

Get an idea of how much you will save in an instant risk free!


Easy Online Enrollment

Get approved for your merchant account with the easy to use self serve application.


24/7/365 Tech Support

Get tech support in English, Spanish, and Korean.  All support centers located in United States.


All Legal Business Types Accepted

Solutions for all business types including CBD, Recreational or Medical Cannabis, TMF merchants, and more.  No matter what the business is, if it is legal we can get them approved.

Learn more about payment Processing

Visit the Aptus Online Acdemy to get fully trained in the Payment Processing Industry. To request a user account to the acedamy please email support@aptusmerchantservices.com.  


1. How long until you contact the Referral?

We generally contact a refferal with in 24 business hours and then continue contacting them each day for the first four days (through phone calls and email), and then finally, one week from when we first received the lead.  You have the option to generate an instant quote and enroll the merchant immediately following thru the self serv application process.

2. What is the best approach to talk to a business owner about their processing?

Tell them, “Hundreds of business owners rely on us to stop potential revenue loss by as much as $26,500 annually while doubling their monthly revenue. Measurable results in 90 days! We do this by decreasing your payment processing cost while implementing a loyalty marketing program.  You can learn more with zero risk by getting a Free Instant Online Quote.”

3. What are the different ways someone can process?

We have a solution for every business.  Retail, Ecommerce, Moto (Mail Order/Telephone Order), Mobile, etc…. Have the merchant start with an Instant Online quote and if they like the savings potential then we can tailor a equipment solution to them.  If they know what they want then you can help enroll them online with the self serv application system.

4. What are your rates and fees so I can tell my contact?

We have are intro pricing on listed on the website, Online Pricing.  You can get them setup with an Instant Online Quote which is 95% accurate. If they want a 100% accurate quote, please submit a recent merchant statement to the Instant Online Quote form.  We will email the quote to the merchant and follow up with a call to close. Remember merchants can enroll online thru the self serv application system.

5. Do you offer the $500 guarantee?

Yes, if they provide 3 months recent processing statements for a 100% accurate quote and we cannot find savings with any Aptus program or service.

6. Where do I go to send you the lead?

Use the Aptus Online Quote Tool above on this page to submit the lead, give the client an instant quote, and submit statements for the $500 Guarantee.  The Instant Quote is prelimenary and does not count as the quote to qualify for the $500 Guarantee.

7. How long does it take to get set up?

This really depends on their enrollment method to business type which will determine what the underwriting requirements. Usually 3 business days to week and a half, depending on how quickly they send over the correct documents once enrollment begins.

8. What is required to get an account setup? What documents?

If you use the App submit link all the need data is collected with the self serve application.  Sometimes they will request additional documents to satisfy Know Your Customer Laws or verify the business.  Any other method, we ask for a driver’s license andvoided check. High risk businesses, restricted merrchant types, or large volume merchants need to submit three months of their bank statements, and three months of their processing statements (if applicable).

9. How do you track that the lead came from me (the agent)?

We track where the leads come from through requiring the agent to put in their First and Last Name with issued agent ID# when submitting leads.

10. What kind of marketing materials/flyers can you send me?

Please email us at support@aptusmerchantservices.com to request marketing materials.

11. How do you compare with Stripe/Square?

We can do everything Square and Stripe do and more.  Usually for less if they process $1200 or more in processing volume.

Please email us at support@aptusmerchantservices.com to find out exactly how the comparison/breakdown works.

12. Is there a limit to how much monthly volume you can process for a merchant?

Nope! We can process any amount of monthly volume.

13. Can you do any size of business?

Yes, from new to exsisting and any amount of volume.  If the business is legal, we can place it.

14. What makes you better than other processors?

No contracts, No cancellation fees, transparent pricing, instant online quotes, free equipment, cash discount processing, and many more programs to create success for any business that desires to win! We understand multiple industries and business types, including high risk. If the business is legal we can place it, even CBD, Medical and Recreational Cannabis.

Want to ask something else?

If you need something else, give us a call at 844-880-5803 or email us at support@aptusmerchantservices.com.